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Our story


Aquatrol Ltd was founded in 2005. After 20 years in the swimming pool industry Bob, frustrated with being subsumed into one multi-national after another, all of whom did not see the pool industry as part of their core business, decided to start up his own business in his area of expertise. Bob founded Aquatrol as a solo enterprise but was confident of success because of his partnership with BECS and their outstanding product. The plan was to bring the newly formed BECS Brand of chemical controllers to the European market. BECS like Aquatrol were starting out on their own, having previously manufactured under the Strantrol name. The Board at BECS had previously worked with Bob while he was managing Stranco Europe and felt strongly that Bob and Aquatrol were ideally positioned to deliver their product to this new market.
This successful relationship continues to this day. 


Today Aquatrol is a family run business with Andrew, Bob’s son joining in 2013. Following the achievement of his BA Honours in 2011 Andrew went onto gain the ISPE Qualified Swimming Pool Engineer Certificate and also the BECS Factory Training Certificate. He is now responsible for sales and technical support; he is generally the first point of contact for the client and is keen to deliver first class customer care.


Aquatrol continues to pride itself on close business relationships and great customer service, whether supplier, client, old or new and it is this ethos that distinguishes Aquatrol from the competition.  

See the products we offer, the projects we’ve been involved in or contact us for further information. 

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