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A look at our latest offers and industry developments

Alkalinity meter 

The Alkalinity meter determines the total alkalinity through performing a flow water titration. A precision pump injects reagent at a controlled rate into a mixing chamber. The rate of injection of reagent is varied by the alkalinity meter and compared to the flow rate of pool water within the mixing chamber. The meter monitors the pH in the mixing chamber and calculates the total alkalinity based upon the ratio of flow rate and pH response. The TA reading is relayed to a BECSys7 or BECSys5 controller where an Alkalinity reading is displayed. It is also possible to control the total Alkalinity using the BECSys Alkalinity meter in conjunction with a BECSys5/7, through automatically switching between acid and Co2 for pH control, based upon user defined set points. 


Ezconnect removes the need for IT departments involvement; no alterations to firewalls are required or the need to set up VPN’s. Ezconnect communications simply require an outbound connection and then data is communicated through a secure direct path before being stored safely and securely on the Ezconnect server. 

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